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About PYO

Pakistani Youth Organization (PYO), registered in Pakistan and Canada, is a dynamic forum of the energetic and passionate youth, who aims to contribute to the welfare of the society in every aspect through every constructive measure. The purpose of the Youth association is to provide a platform for the young generation to groom and polish their talents along with utilizing those skills in achieving objectives that are productive for the betterment of our country and nation as a whole.

Tauseef Memorial School is our charity school that runs daily in three shifts. It is a self-funded long-term education project by the energetic PYO members, to privilege every child with quality education especially the poor child labor. The school was inaugurated on August 1, 2007. It is named after one of the dedicated member of PYO, Tauseef Ahmed, who lost his life in an accident on 28th April ’07. He who was so much dedicated that he used to travel all away from Korangi area to Gulshan-e-Iqbal to survey & initiate the similar project on education; we named our project then as ‘Tauseef Memorial School.’

Our Projects


Tauseef Memorial School

An education project started by the youngsters of ‘Pakistani Youth Organization’ to educate the needy and deprived children of the Pakistani society.


Computer Training Center

Computer Training Center, An Entrepreneurship Project of PYO (Pakistani Youth Organization) to support (TMS) Tauseef Memorial School.


Discovering Pakistan

The Unexplored Frontier’ is a travel documentary about the hidden image of Pakistan, which was made by the team of the Canadian.


To provide a platform for the “Youth” where they cannot only groom and enhance their interests and talents but also can utilize them towards something productive for the betterment of our nation and country.


Fostering unity within a nation through interactive volunteering activities.

Grooming & utilizing the skills & talents of our young generation by making them indulge in the projects like the Education Project,” which is currently being executed and aims at promoting education amongst the children.

Conveying the message of peace, unity and brotherhood through media & various interactive dramas, with a particular focus on the issues being faced by the youngsters in Pakistan.

Promoting our identity as zealous Pakistanis and above all, representing ourselves as the devoted Muslim youth striving for a change.

Providing our youth an intellectual platform to inform and educate the masses about varied scenarios related to youth in Pakistan.






Sheraz Ali Khan is a graduate of International Relations from the University of Calgary. He is a youth and social activist and takes keen interest in the current affairs. He has participated in a number of youth leadership conferences around the world and has to traveled to more than 23 countries in 5 different continents. After having that exposure and an interest in global affairs, Sheraz along with the members of PYO decided to explore his own homeland. He felt the need that Pakistan’s soft side should be portrayed on the international media, and thus took an initiative of making a documentary on Pakistan by the name of “Discovering Pakistan-The Unexplored Frontier”. He along with his group of “Pakistani Youth Organization“ want to expand their main project of “Tauseef Memorial School“ towards accommodating more children in future. He encourages everyone to step forward and contribute in whatever way they can. As it is rightly said,

“Most of us will never do great things; But we can do small things in a great way”


Sabieh Ul Hasan



I believe that nothing is impossible in this world; it takes a lot of courage and hardwork when it comes to visualizing and doing efforts to meet the desired objectives which makes me mould impossible into possible, unattainable into attainable and dreams into reality. PYO is a platform where the dedicated individuals are bringing this positive change in the lives of others and to the society.

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